Koh Lanta (Krabi), Thailand

Man, I never had as much spicy food as in Thailand. But that was goood.

Few things we learnt there:

1. About almost everything is spicy in Thailand apart from Pad Thai, so if you can’t take spicy, be ready to live on pad thai for the whole length of your stay.
2. Coconut water is the thing! I kill coconut water.
3. Every fruit tastes good in thailand. Thought I didn’t like mango but I actually do. And a lot of other fruits I never even knew existed.
4. When they write ‘fresh’ they mean it! Fresh from the sea and into your plate without any cooking. Raw shrimps were HARD to chew, fortunately there was raw garlic and chillies to go with it…
5. Monkeys are friendly enough until they think you want to get their food from them
6. Monkey poo stinks so be careful they don’t poo on you (and they often think it’s fun to do so)
7. Sorry for all the sunset photos, but I did make a reduced shortlist!
8. This elephant riding thing, well I’m still not sure about it. They seemed fed enough and taken care of, but the baby elephants show playing harmonica was a definite no-no. Apparently they are all orphans (parents killed for ivory etc.) rescued by this association so I s’pose it’s better than leaving them out there.


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