Blogging = therapeutic?

Merde. I started this blog assuming that I would be leaving very soon to some new exciting places – or not so exciting, we will get back to that later – and didn’t imagine that it would actually take a while to choose where to go.

So until I figure out where next?, I thought it might be a good idea to retrace the past travel experiences and see if it can logically lead somewhere.

Also, I had a discussion recently with my ex-York(UK)-housemate who has now gone on a 6-months-or-plus-life-changing-trip to Australia and Asia who thought writing a blog would certainly be very therapeutic. I know, that man IS a genius. But seriously yeah, apart from helping improve my written English, this could be a good place to reflect on things I’ve lived during the day and not had time to see in hindsight (is it a pleonasm, see/hindsight?). And to store all the memories before alzheimer gets me. My memory is pretty poor already – at only 27 – so no time to lose.

And a very philosophical Baz Luhrmann to start the day: Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen)… Ok ok, it is a bit easy. But I do like some of the ideas he professes. Although after a while they all start contradicting each other, proving that there are too many big statements for them all to be true.


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